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Jul 30, 2019

In this episode of WRLWND Radio, J. Richard Jones talks with Zoe Chilton, Head of Technical Partnerships, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

Zoe leads a team managing key relationships with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s technical and innovation partners, based at the team’s headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK. The diverse portfolio of 14 Partnerships spans a wide range of technical capabilities and products – from some of the World’s biggest names in telecoms and IT, to leading experts in manufacturing and product development. Zoe joined Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in 2015, coming from 5 years industry experience in motorsport and high-performance engineering in the UK’s Motorsport Valley. Initially joining the Team as a Senior Partnership Manager, Zoe’s role is to liaise directly with the team’s key technical partners, and also engineering stakeholders within the business, to ensure innovation partnerships deliver the maximum value to both parties.

Hear about the role between racing and technology, the challenges in travelling with a racing team and sharing data with all parties and how Red Bull is using technologies from CITRIX to race in 21 countries around the world for Formula 1.

Dec 4, 2018

The demand for security services is growing around the world. The industry itself is projected to increase by 6 per cent annually over the next few years. With such a growth, Montreal’s tech startup TrackTik Software Inc. is on a mission to provide organizations managing security guards around the world with the tools to run leaner and more responsive automated operations.

In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks with Julie Lacasse, VP of Operations at TrackTik about the future of managing security services.

Recently, TrackTik received a Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ award, ranking it as Canada’s 11th fastest growing technology, media and telecommunications company in recognition of over 1,700 per cent revenue growth over the past four years. The company is also on LinkedIn’s list of the Top 25 Startups in Canada and placing 36th on the Canadian Business 2018 Startup 50 ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. Hear about their secret to success.

Also, Julie talks about the challenges in the industry and what TrackTick is working on to improve their all-in-one software for the industry in data analysis and reporting.

For more information, go to:

Nov 27, 2018

In October of this year, Bloomberg Businessweek published a story about an alleged attack by Chinese spies of almost 30 US companies, including Amazon and Apple. The story reveals that the attack was done through microchips from Super Micro that were apparently planted during the manufacturing stage of motherboards that were used in servers. These servers were then sold to many US customers including the US Department of Defense.

In the show today, Marcello Sukhdeo and Johnathan Mansour talk about the ramifications of such an attack and how Super Micro, Apple and Amazon have all denied it. To see the full story from Bloomberg, go to:

Nov 12, 2018

In this episode of WRLWND Radio, Marcello Sukhdeo and Johnathan Mansour talk about the worrying signs coming out Apple. The cutback on production of the iPhone, the unaffordability of Apple products, the lack of innovation and the desperate means that Apple is employing to meet its revenue targets. Is Apple going to end up like BlackBerry?

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Nov 5, 2018

By now you may have heard about the announcement from Apple about their new products - the new Macbook Air, the Mac Mini and iPad Pro. This announcement reveals a trend that Apple is on that should be concerning to us. With the price hike, Apple is pushing their products out of reach for many, and soon it will become unaffordable.

Other than the price increase, should you upgrade? That's the burning question that we tackle on today's show.

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Oct 25, 2018

On October 17, Fujitsu Canada, Inc. announced the ScanSnap iX1500, a new flagship colour duplex model, joining the Fujitsu ScanSnap Series of document scanners.

The core appeal of the ScanSnap Series is in its ability to effortlessly convert most office documents into PDF’s, searchable PDF’s, Word and Excel documents, and more. ScanSnap is an essential productivity tool for knowledge workers whether they are scanning to their desktop, a network folder or to a Cloud service.

On today’s episode of WRLWND Radio, Steve Oblin, Senior Marketing Manager at Fujitsu Canada, Inc., is on the line to discuss the new iX1500 scanner, it’s new features and how it fulfills your business’s needs.


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Sep 14, 2018

Is it worth it to upgrade your iPhone or Apple Watch?  

The big news this week is that Apple announced three new iPhones including its biggest and most expensive model yet and the new Apple Watch Series 4. Is it worth it to upgrade your iPhone or Apple Watch? That’s the question that Marcello Sukhdeo tackles in this episode of WRLWND Radio. 

Show Notes: 

At its special event, Apple announced three new iPhones. These phones are already being criticized by people around the world for lacking innovation and it is being seen as part of Apple's strategy to increase revenue by increasing the prices. 

These iPhones are bigger, faster and more expensive. That is the strategy that Apple is using to continue growing revenue.  

By making the phones larger and faster, and then charging more for them, the company is milking a product line that has already saturated the market. The new iPhones would start at $750, $1,000 and $1,100. The starting prices last year were $700, $800 and $1,000.  

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been redesigned to have a more health focus.   

This is the first time Apple as redesigned its watch since it was launched in 2015. The new watch is slightly thinner and has a larger display area. 

Apple said the new watch had a faster processor and better health and motion sensors. For instance, the watch can detect when a wearer has fallen down and would prompt the person to alert emergency services. If it detects no motion by the wearer after a minute, it calls automatically.  

Another feature, is the watch can perform an electrocardiogram, alerting you to worrisome heart rhythms. 

Sep 7, 2018

What will the future of work look like? That’s a question that many companies are pondering. With the evolution of the workplace and how we interact with technology, our work is changing in so many different ways. In the show today, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about some exciting changes based on his visit to BoxWorks 2018 – like having a system that will feed you documents that need your attention, easy automation of tasks and working in any file format right within your only platform.

BoxWorks is an event hosted by Box. Box is a company that provides a cloud content management platform where you can work, share and collaborate securely. Box has over 87,000 customers with many coming from 69 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies.

Box Logo

For more information, go to

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Aug 31, 2018
Apple announced yesterday its annual fall iPhone event will be held on September 12 in Cupertino, California. We can expect to hear about Apple's new lineup of iPhones to soon hit the market. On today’s episode, we give you a rundown of the latest rumours and specs concerning these new iPhones and what you need to know. Amazon hit another all-time record of $2000 per share in the early trading hours of August 30, putting them just $30 per share short of joining Apple in the $1 trillion market value club. To put that into perspective: a $100 investment in Amazon in 1997 would today we worth $125,000! For these stories and more, tune in to today’s episode of WRLWND Radio, with guest-host Johnathan Mansour.
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Tags: Amazon, Apple, iPhone, AMZN
Aug 31, 2018

Helping large companies to migrate and secure cloud infrastructure is a challenge. It’s also a big opportunity to improve business efficiencies.

Join WRLWND radio guest host J. Richard Jones as he chats with Jonathan Spinks, CEO from Sourced Group. Learn about the challenges of cloud adaptation, how Canada measures up to other countries and the future of cloud, in this episode of WRLWND radio.

To learn more:

Aug 24, 2018

Today on the show, Windows 95 is back and this time you can run it on Mac and Linux. Take a trip down memory lane with Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint, and Minesweeper. And we are headed to information apocalypse? Don’t panic, some say the solution is more technology.



The New York Public Library is using Instagram Stories to bring classic novels to your smartphone

The New York Public Library—an essential provider of free books, information, ideas, and education for all New Yorkers for more than 100 years is doing something unprecedented! It is now using Instagram's Stories feature to make classic novels more accessible and enticing to read, especially to the younger generation. It has teamed up with ad agency Mother in New York to create "Insta Novels," which turns classic pieces of literature into animated digital novels illustrated by various visual artists. These digitized versions take inspiration from the layouts of the original classics, featuring elements that reflect the novels' designs. The full digital books will be posted as Stories: simply hold the screen to read a page and lift your finger to turn it. If you're a fast reader, just let it play on its own to watch the animated elements move on screen.

Here is the link to the promo on Instagram:




Windows 95 is now an app you can download and install on macOS, Windows, and Linux


Windows 95 is the operating system that’s now used as a yardstick for what’s possible on modern devices and platforms. We’ve seen Microsoft’s popular OS appear on the Apple Watch, an Android Wear smartwatch, and even the Xbox One. Today, someone has gone a step further and made Windows 95 into an app that you can run on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

A Slack developer created Windows 95 app where you can use Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint, and Minesweeper. They all run pretty well. Except for Internet Explorer which is not fully functional.

The app its only 129MB in size and you can download it over at Github for both macOS and Windows. Once it’s running it surprisingly only takes up around 200MB of RAM, even when running all of the old Windows 95 system utilities, apps, and games. If you run into any issues with the app you can always reset the Windows 95 instance inside the app and start over again.



Browser plug-ins that spot fake news show the difficulty of tackling the ‘information apocalypse’

According to some, the world is headed toward an information apocalypse. A combination of AI-generated fakes, fake news gone wild, and faltering confidence in the media means soon, no one will be able to trust what they see or hear online. But don’t panic yet, says a subset of these same prophets, for a solution, is already at hand: more technology. 

This week, two projects were unveiled that are intended to act as buffers between the world and fake news. The first, SurfSafe, was created by a pair of UC Berkley undergrads. The second, Reality Defender, is the work of the AI Foundation, a startup founded in 2017 that has yet to release a commercial product. Both projects are browser plug-ins that will alert users to misinformation by scanning images and videos on the webpages they’re looking at and flagging any doctored content.

Of the two plug-ins, SurfSafe’s approach is simpler. Once installed, users can click on pictures, and the software will perform something like a reverse-image search. It will look for the same content that appears on trusted “source” sites and flag well-known doctored images. Reality Defender promises to do the same (the plug-in has yet to launch fully), but in a more advanced manner, using machine learning to verify whether or not an image has been tinkered with. Both

plug-ins also encourage users to help out with this process, identifying pictures that have been manipulated or so-called “propaganda.”

Aug 17, 2018

On today’s episode, we take a look at how SpaceX is training NASA astronauts to fly on the company’s Dragon capsule, breathing new life into space exploration and into space and tech industries respectively. A simple parody website prompted us to examine social media transparency and what to be aware of. Also, be sure to hear our coverage of MVMT’s big announcement. For these stories and more, tune in to today’s episode of WRLWND Radio, guest-hosted by Johnathan Mansour.

The opinions expressed on this show may

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IT in Canada or WRLWND media.



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Aug 10, 2018

In this episode, AI could be doing the hiring in the future. A massive blow to Uber and Lyft as New York votes to limit rideshares and Zume to receive millions of dollars to perfect their pizza robot. 

Show Notes: 

Employee referrals, still make up the bulk of companies’ hires. This of course tends to leave out the majority of applicants, where their resumes are dumped into the trash, literally and electronically.  

Added to that, recruiters and hiring managers also bring their own biases to the process, often choosing people with the “right-sounding” names and educational background.  

We see these biases in almost every business. If you are looking for a job you can identify with these issues. But that could change.  

Enter AI.  

People who support AI, argue that this technology can eliminate some of these biases. Instead of relying on people’s feelings to make hiring decisions, companies such as Entelo and use machine learning to detect the skills needed for certain jobs.  

Now there is something to be cautious about. Using AI in hiring can also lead to discrimination. The system will only look for what it was programmed to do. It will look for certain qualities and skills only.  

NYC Takes Aim at Rideshares 

With the increase number of rideshares services around the world it might come as a surprise that New York, one of the busiest cities in the world, has voted to cap the number of ride-hailing cars by imposing a year-long freeze on new licenses.  

For Uber and Lyft, this year-long freeze on new licenses in their largest market is the big setback to them.  

If this ruling goes into effect, all it needs is the mayor’s signature, then this will affect Uber and Lyft significantly. But not only that, what about other cities who might want to follow what NYC is doing and put a cap on licenses for ridesharing.  

Companies like Uber and Lyft will lose revenue and people will suffer by waiting longer and even paying more for a ridesharing service.  

Pizza robots 

Robots may be going after our jobs, but they’ll make us delicious pizza while they’re at it. Some exciting news for pizza lovers.  

Zume, a startup that makes and delivers pizza with robots is in talks with Softbank is in talks to invest $500m to $750m in its robot pizza business.  

Softbank has also invested in other food deliver business, in 2016, with Pizza Hut Asia to help distribute their humanoid robots into stores, and more recently they led a $535m funding into meal-delivery app DoorDash.  

Zume currently operates 3 trucks from their Mountain View, CA, HQ, but plans to partner with companies like UberEats in the future. 

Check out my article on the Galaxy Watch.  

Aug 6, 2018

In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about banning the use of smartphones in the classroom. Is it going to help or detract from kids’ education? The screens on smartphones are increasing in size getting close to the 7-inch range. And Google wants to help people with their digital well-being. Sounds ironic, but it has some good features to get us off our phones. 

Show Notes: 

A Study done in 2015: "Teens are spending more than one-third of their days using media such as online video or music — nearly nine hours on average, those between the ages of 8 and 12, the average is nearly six hours per day." 

One country is taking a serious step to get rid of this problem in schools - France.  

French lawmakers voted to ban smartphone use in schools. 

Lawmakers decided that students under the age of 15 must leave their cellphones at home, or at least have them turned off during the school day.  

The ban also includes the use of tablets, computers, and other internet-connected devices as well. There are exceptions in place for students with disabilities and for the educational use of devices in the classroom. High schools have the option to go with this or not.  

Huawei 7-inch device 

Huawei is introducing a new phone in its Honor Note series, and this model is coming with the line’s biggest screen yet: just a little under seven inches.  

It comes with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and storage of 64GB or 128GB. Its huge AMOLED screen has a 1080 x 2220 resolution, putting it a bit over 1080p. The phone has a massive 5,000mAh battery to match its extra-large screen. 

Huawei is launching the Honor Note 10 in China for about $410 USD.   

Google and our digital well-being 

Google is planning to release some new features to help us to see and manage the time we spend on our devices. By doing this, the company hopes that we can better understand our habits, so that we can control the demands that technology places on us in using up our attention all with the aim to help us focus on what matters the most.  



Jul 31, 2018

Amazon’s facial recognition system failed to recognize over 5% of US Congress members. Exactly what dirt your digital assistant has on you? And you have been looking at your cards in your wallet the wrong way. 

Show Notes 

Digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant learn more about you by listening and recording conversations you have with them to learn your tone of voice, prompts, and requests.  

It is common for smart speakers to pick up a random part of your conversation if you use the wake word - like Alexa or Hey Google when talking. If you changed the trigger to a more common everyday word, then you are in a bad position, because whenever you use that word, your speaker will listen and record. 

Check your recordings on Amazon Alexa device: 

Go to you Alexa app, Tap the dropdown icon on the top left side of the screen to open the menu options. Click on the Settings menu, then find History. 

If you would like to delete a recording in your Alexa history, you can do so individually or in bulk by going to the Amazon’s Manage Your Content and Devices page to remove all. By doing this, Amazon warns that it may reduce your Alexa experience. 

For Google Assistant: 

On web browser: Log in to your Google account via a web browser. Click your profile picture in the top right, click on “Google Account,” and afterward you’ll be taken to an overview page. Look for the “Personal info & privacy” column centered in the overview page, then click on “Manage your Google activity.” Once you’re there, scroll down until you reach the “Review activity” section — this is what you’re looking for — and click on the “Go to my activity” link. 

On your phone: Log in to your Google account in the browser and tap the following: your profile picture > Manage Accounts > Google Activity Controls > Manage Activity. You’ll be greeted by a full list of all queries that can be sorted and deleted. 

Amazon’s Facial Recognition System  

Here is the link to Episode 134 that we did on Facial scans at airports  -  

Recently, The American Civil Liberties Union tested Amazon’s facial recognition system — and the results were not good. During the test the faces of all 535 members of Congress were scanned against 25,000 public mugshots, using Amazon’s open Rekognition API. None of the members of Congress were in the mugshot lineup, but Amazon’s system generated 28 false matches, a finding that has raised some serious concerns about Rekognition’s use by police.  


When handling your card - like handing it over to a cashier, swiping it to make contactless payments, tapping at a machine or inserting it into an ATM - we all do this vertically.  

The vast majority of credit and debit cards today are designed in landscape, which is an outdated usage model.  

It's time that we have cards in portrait mode. This the UK’s Starling Bank is coming out with - portrait card design. 

There are others as well, like Virgin America that does a full-on portrait credit card, and CapitalOne has a range of vertical credit cards. A few other banks and payment services have been experimenting with the portrait design over the years. 

Jul 23, 2018

Facebook and Instagram are changing their policy to crack down on underage children on their network. And Nike has opened another experimental store to provide a better and more personalized service to customers.  

Show Notes 

Nike has rolled out another of its retail-of-the-future experiments in opening a concept store with the aim to lure the digital shopper with personal services and experiences.   

Though its interaction with customers, Nike will know what people are buying and not buying. This will help the company to know what to keep in stock.  

Google Maps 

Google Maps recently added a neat new feature to the web version, one that most of us likely missed because it’s the kind of smart feature you expect your mobile device to deliver.  

Google Maps on the web can now notify you when it’s time to leave, in order to make sure you arrive at your destination on time. Of course, this is already on the mobile version.   

A second option was added to the Notifications toggles in Google Maps’ settings called “Time to leave.” Just make sure you activate the feature by going to the Notifications toggles inside the side menu.  

A crackdown on those below the age of 13 

Facebook and Instagram are now looking to be more proactive and lock the accounts of users that they suspect are below the age of 13.  

Before, their policy was to only investigate accounts if they were reported specifically for being potentially underage. But Facebook now confirmed that an “operational” change to its policy to lock the accounts of any underage user they come across. Once locked and if they are above 13, then Facebook will require the users to provide proof that they’re over 13, such as a government-issued photo ID, to get back access.

Jul 16, 2018

Do you have a cracked smartphone screen and would like to replace it with a third-party one? Not such a good idea because criminals can see what you are touching on your phone. And a cool feature in Google Pay that makes it easier for you to get back money from your friends when you're out for a bite.   

Show Notes 

A university in Israel has shown that it's possible to impersonate a user by tracking touch movements on smartphones with compromised third-party touchscreens. Some of these third-party screens have malicious code embedded in them.  

Whether you're sending emails, doing a financial transaction or even playing games, the codes are capturing your touches that can be used against you. 

The research pointed out that "if an attacker can understand the context of certain events, he can use the information to create a more effective customized attack." 

Samsung Family Hub 

Samsung has launched its latest Family Hub refrigerator that integrates with its voice assistant - Bixby. 

The Family Hub uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is big for Samsung.  

This new Family Hub refrigerator which is available in Singapore, comes with a food management service feature that helps manage the expiry date of groceries through voice and provides optimum recipes. It also provides personal weather and schedule-related information to family members using consumer recognition service.   

It also functions as a family communication platform where family members can share event information, photos, and memos. 

Google Pay 

Earlier this year, Google has brought its two existing online payment and transaction services, Google Pay Send and Google Wallet, under a single platform called Google Pay, and to make it even stronger, Google has been adding dynamic features with a series of new updates.  

By sending or requesting money through Google Pay Send, users can now do so directly from the Google Pay app, which is a fairly simple process. 

Google Pay can also store mobile tickets and boarding passes purchased on a new tab called Passes, which will also store gift cards.

Jul 6, 2018

In this episode, as Netflix, the world’s leading video streaming continues to dominate, the company is looking to add a new plan for subscribers and it is going to be more expensive. Also, crypto-jacking, you could be mining cryptocurrency for criminals. 

Show Notes: 

Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 120 million subscribers in over 190 countries, enjoying more than 140 million hours of TV shows and movies per day.  

Today, Netflix offers three packages - Basic, Standard, and Premium. Now the company is looking at adding a fourth option - Ultra. 

Netflix is testing out a new “Ultra” subscription that would up the monthly price even higher than the current premium option $13.99. 

It looks like the Ultra plan would cost $16.99 where you can have four simultaneous 4K streams at once. For those with a premium plan, you know that four streams are already offered on the Premium plan.  


Criminals can infect devices like smart fridges with untraceable cryptocurrency mining malware. The software uses the smart device’s computing power to mine digital currency, for the third party. 

Cryptocurrency mining makes money. How much money a user can make mining is the amount of computing power they have, so computing power has value. Criminals are using computing power from wherever they can sneak in the malware that does so. This is the new kind of hijacking. 

Robots without the need for cameras 

Most of the robots that were built need cameras to help them function. MIT is trying remove cameras and it seems like they are succeeding. Their Cheetah 3 robot doesn’t need cameras to it see to run up a set of stairs. 

This is a huge development in robotics that can help in many areas to make life a little easier, especially in cases where it is very dangerous for human to go. 

Jun 29, 2018

Hypersonic jet to fly from New York to London in two hours  




In this episode, a new hypersonic passenger jet that could fly across the Atlantic in two hours. And if you use Samsung Messages app, you may want to start deleting your embarrassing photos. 

Show Notes: 

Boeing has revealed a new concept, a hypersonic jet that could fly passengers from New York to London in just two hours.  

The chief scientist of hypersonics at Boeing, said a hypersonic passenger vehicle could be airborne in 20 to 30 years and eventually enter use as a jet for global travel. Boeing is considering both commercial and military applications. 

Samsung Messages app 

If you have a Samsung phone and use the default Samsung Messages app for all your texting needs, you may want to check your gallery to make sure you don't have any embarrassing photos in it.  

The reason why I am telling you this is - there is a bug is causing Samsung Messages to randomly send pictures to contacts without leaving any sort of evidence. 

Beauty Products Shopping 

In shopping online today, most of our decisions are based on technology and how tech is being used to push the products and services to us.  

A recent study by Automat, a leader in AI-driven Conversational Marketing, shows consumer shopping experiences and attitudes regarding beauty purchases, while exploring the extent to which technology influences those purchases, and identifies areas of unmet needs that messaging experiences can help address.  

This study was set up as part of the focus on the beauty industry.   

Some of the finding with you.  

• 70 per cent of beauty consumers are overwhelmed by too many beauty product choices and 63 per cent of consumers are confused by beauty product claims. 

• As a result, over two-thirds of beauty consumers perform extensive online research before making purchases. The most common purchase behavior is researching online and purchasing in a store. 

• Approximately two-thirds of consumers prefer to be left alone while shopping. Surprisingly, 71 per cent of consumers use their mobile phones to do additional online research while standing at the shelf. As such, online and offline purchase behavior becomes deeply intertwined. 

• Nearly half (49 per cent) of all respondents said that they would definitely use or likely use a virtual beauty advisor when shopping for beauty products whether online or offline. 

• Virtual beauty advisors especially appeal to the young, digitally-engaged, frequent beauty purchasers that beauty brands want to reach the most as part of their digital strategies 

In this study over 1,500 surveys were completed by U.S. female beauty consumers between the ages of 18 and 65 with a household income over $40,000, who are mobile phone users and have Facebook Messenger installed on their phones, and who made a beauty product purchase in the last three months. 



Jun 25, 2018

Facial scan is coming to airports. Are we ready for it? 

In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about the subject of facial scan at airports. If you are flying to Florida in the next little while you might be subjected to a facial scan. Is this technology ripe and ready for this type of large scale use?   

Show Notes 

Orlando International Airport, the busiest airport in Florida where about 6 million people pass through every year is looking to become the first airport in the US to use facial scan of passengers on all arriving and departing international flights, including U.S. citizens. 

This is the first airport that will try to scan all passengers. There are some airports like in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and Washington which are already using face scans for some departing international flights, but they don't involve all international travelers at the airports. In the case with Orlando, this program will be expanded to include all passengers.  

The question of privacy comes into play here.  

Prime Wardrobe 

Amazon is looking to expand in clothing. This is an interesting model that Amazon is trying out where they are looking to mimic the experience you get when you go to a physical store. 

YouTube Music service 

YouTube launched its YouTube Music and YouTube Premium services.  

It comes with free and paid options, mobile app and a new desktop interface.   



Jun 15, 2018

Apple is looking to close the backdoor to your iPhone

In this episode, Marcell Sukhdeo talks about how Apple is working on closing the loophole that law enforcement agencies use to access iPhones. And Microsoft is joining the action to bring us no checkout shopping experience.

Show Notes

When Amazon Go was first announced back in 2016, some people were saying that this could be the future of retail shopping. A time when physical check out through a line up at a store will be replaced with a walk in, pick up and walk out experience.

Now it seems like another major company wants to get into this direction.

Sources have confirmed that Microsoft is in talks with Walmart about a potential collaboration of coming out with its own brand of checkout-free technology.

Apple and the backdoor

Over the years Apple has positioned the iPhone as a secure device that only its owner can open. That of course has led to battles with law enforcement officials who want to access the phones of individuals who are deemed a threat.

Apple is closing the technological loophole that let authorities hack into iPhones. This has angered police and other officials and have started a debate over whether the government has a right to get into the personal devices.

Uber and drunk passengers

Uber has filed an application for a patent to use AI that will tell whether a passenger is drunk.

AI will be used to separate sober passengers from drunk ones. According to the application, the technology would be used to spot "uncharacteristic user activity," including passenger location, number of typos entered into the mobile app and even the angle the smartphone is being held.

Jun 13, 2018

In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about a new app that allows Alexa on Apple Watch, also, Encyclopedia Britannica has released a new free Chrome extension that will give you factual, relevant information in the search engine sidebar. And a new display technology from Intel that will result in over 24 hours battery life for laptops.  

Show Notes 

Intel has found a way to extend battery life by hours using a new type of display. The result is a laptop that can run for up to 28 hours between charges. 

Intel is working with a Low Power Display Technology (LPDT), which allows for the creation of a one-watt panel manufactured by Sharp and Innolux.  

The laptop that Intel used in these tests had an LPDT display running on a 15-watt Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, an Intel 600p SSD, UHD Graphics 620.  

Britannica Insights 

The Encyclopedia Britannica is looking to regain its relevance by attaching itself to Google search results. This is to correct the inaccurate information that the Encyclopedia Britannica believes exists on the Internet. 

The new search product, “Britannica Insights,” is a Chrome extension that will take information from the encyclopedia and populate it on the sidebar “snippet” of a Google search results page.  

Britannica Insights works with major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others – on the Chrome browser. 

Alexa Assistant on Apple Watch 

Voice in a Can is an app that lets you interact with Alexa on an Apple Watch. It’s a standalone Apple Watch app, which means you don’t need to tether to an iPhone to use Alexa, and all you need is a Wi-Fi signal or LTE if you have that version of the Apple Watch.


Jun 1, 2018

In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about how a Tesla car hits a parked police vehicle and the driver claimed it was in autopilot mode. And it looks like we may be replacing our cracked, peeled, rusting license plates with digital license plates, on our cars, in the near future.  


Show Notes 


There is yet another case where a car driving in "autopilot" mode crashed recently. This time it's Tesla's Model S. The car crashed into an unoccupied, parked police vehicle in Laguna Beach, California. The driver told investigators the Tesla was in “Autopilot” mode at the time. 


Photos of the crash scene show extensive damage to the front end of the Tesla and the rear side of the police vehicle. 


Autopilot is a semi-autonomous technology that Tesla says is a form of advanced cruise control. So, the car was in advanced cruise control mode when it hit the parked police car. 


Digital license plates 


With everything going digital these days, it would be so cool to have a digital license plate. That is what California governor Jerry Brown wanted to get going five years ago when he signed a legislation authorizing digital license plates to be sold in California. Now finally, these new digital display boards are hitting the streets. 


Those who are opting to buy the digital plates can register their vehicles electronically and get rid of the need to physically place stickers on their license plates each year. This of course would save money for the state.  


The digital plates come with their own computer chips, batteries, and wireless communication systems. They also may be able to display personal messages — if the DMV decides to allow that. 


Dealerships are expected to sell the plates for $699, not including installation costs. Users also must pay a monthly fee of about $7.  


YouTube and Teens 


With the fall out with Facebook, teens are more interested than ever in YouTube.   


A recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, reveals that 85 per cent of teenagers (ages 13–17) say they use the platform. Closely behind are Instagram (72 per cent) and Snapchat (69 per cent). 

These findings indicate an ongoing trend among teenagers of moving away from platforms like Facebook in recent years. A 2015 report pointed to 71 per cent of teens who reported themselves as Facebook users; today, that number is around 51 per cent.  




This is a neat device that can be used to keep in touch with your parents. Through a monthly subscription they can get unlimited 4G LTE data, ad-free unlimited music. It comes with customizable security options, mobile access for caregivers and family and more.  


Stay safe in the technology WRLWND. 

May 25, 2018

In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about how Apple now provides a way for you to download a copy of all the data the company has on you. Also, you can now whistle your way into a song through a new Facebook AI, and Alexa has recorded a woman’s private conversation and sent it to a random contact.

Show Notes:

Companies, governments, businesses are all collecting data from us. It would be nice to know what these organizations have on us. What sort of data does Microsoft or Google have about me, about you? 

Well, Apple has made it very easy for you to know exactly that.

 The company is giving users the opportunity to download a copy of all the data it has collected from them. This includes information gathered by the App Store and iTunes, information based on your Apple ID account, device information, online and retail store activity, AppleCare support history, and more.

The tool is part of Apple’s new Data and Privacy website, which also allows users to correct any information Apple holds about them, and deactivate their account entirely. 

The new Data and Privacy website, which can be found at, is a one-stop shop for users who want to find out what Apple knows about them and you have the option of downloading that data.

Whistling your way to the next Hit with Facebook AI

Facebook AI Research has developed an AI that can convert music in one style or genre into virtually any other. Instead of merely trying to repeat notes or style-specific traits, the approach uses unsupervised training to teach a neural network how to create similar noises all on its own. Facebook's system even prevents the AI from merely memorizing the audio signal by purposefully distorting the input.

Bad Alexa!

As a smart home speaker owner, your worst nightmare is having your private message recorded AND sent to someone without your knowledge. Well, that turned out to be a real-life nightmare for a woman in Portland. Her Amazon Echo recorded an audio clip of her conversation and sent it to a person on her contact list.

The woman said she was alerted to the bug when the person who received the audio clip called to let her know that she has been hacked. The person who received the message was one of her husband’s employees.

By looking at the log, Amazon was able to confirm that what the woman said was entirely accurate. It happened the way she related. The company is looking to fix this.

May 18, 2018

In this episode, Google is getting closer to making its assistant sound more human, but can they get to the point where AI can react to us on an emotional level? Also, what if every company is like Amazon where they can fulfill customer orders within two days? That would be cool. And if you are learning to play the guitar, you can Riffstation Pro app for free. I will tell you how. 

Google Duplex 

If you have not heard by now, Google’s updated virtual assistant can now make phone calls on your behalf to schedule appointments and make reservations.  

We’re entering an age when conversations with computers are reaching a whole new level – better quality and reliability. But there is still lots of room for improvement, as we’ve heard in the two clips I played, the technology is getting better, Yet, I still believe that AI’s capability to interact with humans on a deeper level has a long way to go. For example, in having a normal conversation with an AI and to have that AI recognize the mood of the other person is not here yet.  

Two-day shipping  

What would it be like, if every company is like Amazon where they can fulfill customer orders within two days? Wouldn’t that be awesome? You can order anything online and within 48 hours the item is waiting for you at home.  

Business around the world with the exception of Amazon are facing pressure to deliver on time and in full, but don’t have the necessary tools to execute contracts, take payments efficiently, and track deliveries, ensuring that goods arrive when they should. 

There is a platform that is called ‘Movement Ecosystem’ (“MOVA), where people can go and utilize performance tools, and pull monthly management reports, where they can see everything that moves and what the real performance was. They can pinpoint and track where the faults were, whether it’s the result of an employee’s doing, or something back at the warehouse. 


If you are an accomplished guitarist or just trying to learn playing the guitar like me, then you will be excited to know that Riffstation is offering its desktop app, for Mac and Windows for free. This app normally cost $35.00.  

Riffstation will no longer be available on the web or mobile devices. But they are hoping to bring a similar service back in the future.  

If you would like to get the Pro copy of this app, you can do so by going to  

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